220V Convenient Timing Fragrant Ultraviolet Sterilization Deodorizing Shoe Socks Dryer Warmer

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Description :

220V Convenient Timing Fragrant Ultraviolet Sterilization Deodorizing Shoes Socks Dryer Warmer

What you gonna do to your shoes or socks in wet rain or cold weather !?
What you gonna do to your shoes after wearing a whole day and it is already get wet and with bad smell ?
Put them under the sun or wash them every week !? And what you gonna do to those bacteria inside ? ...
New kind of shoe dryer, it has unique UV sterilization function bring you the beautiful enjoyment,
which can help you eliminate the trouble of wet feet and foot odor, evidently make your feet dry and comfortable.
It is suitable for all kinds of shoes/boots, especially for travel shoes, leather shoes, sports shoes, cotton shoes and so on,
which kind of shoes are easy to wet, in addition to that, you can also ues it for drying your gloves and socks, etc.
Make all of them warm to wear and with out bad smell !
Timing Function, you can control the time no matter how long do you want, more convenient and portable and easy to use, save power and money,
it's quite cost-effective and worth to own it !
Tiny Price to enjoy, Except remove the problem of wet feet and foot odor, in winter or cold, wet day, dry shoes/boots will bring you unlimited warmth,
definitely necessary for home to enjoy a comfortable wearing feeling !
Specification :
Type : Electrical Shoe Dryer
Material : ABS Shell
Color : Black
Rated power : 150W
Rated voltage : 220V 50Hz
lNet weight : Approx. 0.3kg
The temperature of blowing out hot air : About 40°C when the environment temperature is at around 20°C.
Set the longest time : 120 mins
Set the drying time(Please note that the sheet content is the situation when your shoes are wet) : 

Sneakers, tourist shoes About 20 mins  
High boots About 20 mins  
 Leather shoes ≤ 15 mins

1. The shoes dryer is 220V, please notice that it may can not be use in the North America area~~like the United States and Canada
Make sure your house has the 220V before order, thanks and best regards :)

2. When you dry the shoes (Especially for boots, both long and short),
please keep some area on the down side, so that the hot air can slip out, to avoid the machine too hot :)
Package Includes : 
1 x 220V Timing Fragrant Ultraviolet Sterilization Electric Shoes Dryer
(Comes with a safe adapter according to you country :)
Package also comes in color retail box for you.
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