Red Swiss 91mm Multifunctional Folding Army Knives Survival Tools

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Description :
Red Swiss 91mm Multifunctional Folding Army Knife Stainless Steel Survival Knife Multi Tool
Features :

100% Brand New and high quality multi tool, military knife, pocket knife.
The knife is very common, very small, easy to carry around.
Using stainless steel to create well formed, sharp blade, classic design.
Using special imported stainless steel material,sharp, elastic, antibacterial, anti rust.
The pocket knife handle uses smooth plastic fiber, high brightness,Smooth, delicate and exquisite.
33 kinds of functions,convenient, durable, and has a wide range of uses.
Suitable for travelling, climbing, diving, aeromodelling sports, repairing bicycle, automobile and other hobbies.
It's the best choice for family use, office use, travel use, any kind of outdoor use.
Specification :  
Size : 9.1 x 2.3 x 3.1cm
Color : Red
Blade length : 6cm
Knife thickness : 0.5mm
Style : American style
Material : High-grade stainless steel
Functions : 33 kinds of function army knife
1.Knife 2.Small knife 3.Small screwdriver 4.Cross screwdriver 5.Pliers
6.Combination pliers 7.Demolition wire tools 8.Large screwdriver 9.Nail file 10.Hacksaw
11.Nail cleaner 12.Scissors 13.Unloading hook device 14.Ruler 15.Can opener
16.Magnifier 17.Woodsaw 18.Cut off the scales knife 19.Wire bender 20.Opener
21.Steel file 22.Key ring 23.Mini screwdriver 24.Toothpick 25.Wine opener
26.Drilling cone 27.Tweezers 28.Eyeglasses screwdriver 29.Wood chisel 30.Threader
31.Ball-pen 32.Pin 33.Multifunction hook    

Package includes :  

1 x 91mm Multifunction Swiss Knife
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