9V 2.5A Portable Mini Desiccant Electronic Semiconductor Intelligent Dehumidifier Compact Air Dryer

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Description :  

9V 2.5A Portable Mini Desiccant Electronic Semiconductor Intelligent Dehumidifier Compact Air Dryer

It's a mini electronic Dehumidifier, which can rid off odors, fungus, mildew, mold, allergies and some of them that may cause asthma.
In addition, it don’t let excess moisture in enclosed spaces ruin your valuables. 
Automatically turns off when water tank is full, working light and quiet.
Widely used for use wardrobes, baby's room, in small spaces such as cabinets, closets, storage, basement, living room, bedroom, office or wherever excess humidity is present.

Product Features :

Unlike compressor-driven units that are often loud and obtrusive, the utilizes thermoelectric peltier technology to deliver near-silent operation.
You can only hear the sound of the fan if you really listen closely.
This unit has the ability to dehumidify 10 ounces of water per day in its 18 oz removable water tank, and also features automatic shut-off and an red LED indicator light to alert you when the tank needs to be emptied.
Unit  designed for "front-to-top" air flow and front water tank removal so that the dehumidifiers can be backed up flush to a wall.
Specification :

Input power : 110V-220V
Output power : 9V 2.5A 
Material : ABS
Function : Air drying, dehumidifying
Type : Desiccant dehumidifier
Mini Dehumidifier Capacity ranges : 10 oz Per day at 30°C (86 F), 80% RH (Relative Humidity)
Dehumidification volume : 1L/h

Cooling element : Thermo-electric Peltier Motor
Fan : High speed 3" x 3" (8 x 8 cm) DC  Brushless Motor
Application : 11-20㎡
Removable water tank capacity : <1L
Color : White
Net weight : Approx. 1200g
Certification : CE, RoHS
Package Includes :  

1 x Mini Desiccant Semiconductor Intelligent Dehumidifier Compact Air Dryer
(Comes with a safe mini power adapter according to you country :)
Comes in color retail box for you :)
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