Motorcycle Bike Moped Scooter Rain Dust UV Resistant Cover

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Motorcycle Bike Moped Scooter Rain Dust UV Resistant Cover 
Brand new
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Resistant to dust, rain, snow, sun, UV rays for all time; Femerture on fixing elastic against gale
1, High-density material, can effectively block the dust into the interior space of locomotives and locomotive inside the machine.
2, Anti-UV fabric, effectively block ultraviolet sunlight on the surface and the interior of motorcycle and radiation exposure, play a certain degree of protection.
3, Waterproof fabric, effectively prevent rainwater from entering the body, keeping the body clean locomotives.
4, Can protect the surface locomotives, locomotive not subject to external sharp objects hanging rub.
5, High flexibility material, will not move on sewing locomotive paint damage caused by friction.
6, Car bottom cover is elastic design, can be very prison trap, do not worry about   the wind off the hood of the car,
easy to use and fast, small and easy to carry, than the traditional keyhole tether design more humane.
Material: PU
Color: black and white
size: L: L*W*H(cm)220*95*110
Fit: L:moto 125cc-150cc
     XL:125-150cc Cavalier car (with rear trunk)
     XXL:250cc Cruisers and Fusion
Package Included:
1x  Motorcycle Covers