DIY Mini Ceramic Cactus Grass Potted Plant Desktop Office Decor

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Cute and mini modelling, is the most suitable on the desk and computer desk.
The green grass can purify air and radiation protection appropriately that for making a good mood.
The product of the greatest pleasures can DIY grow on their own, simple and convenient.
When you look at your caress attentively small plants can grow healthy every day that is the most happy
Planting method:
1. Let the planting steep in water for one hour, then on the desk.
2. After one week, the plant will growing, need marinate water 5 minutes, 3days on time.
3. You can do all sorts of shapes of their pruning after the grass grow up 2 or 3 weeks later.
4. A decoration, but also a symbol of love, beutiful and romantic.
5. Easy grow, easy care
Material:ceramic + cultivation of raw materials
Suitable germination temperature:25-30 degree for 3-10 days
Size: as the picture show
Patter: tank shape 01, square 02, circular 03
Package included: 
1 x potted
1 x grass seeds
1 x soil