JEBO Aquarium Ultraviolet Sterilize UV Sterilizer Light Lamp Bulb Tube

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●Quartz ultraviolet germicidal lamp.
Essential equipment for all aquarium keepers.
Fit all JEBO brand UV sterilizers with the same Watts.
Effective bactericidal.
110V or 220V starter and capacitor inside.
Only capacitor needed by using electronic ballast.
More compact, easy to install.
Easy to install.
Can use for a long times, About 9000 hours.
Fits for: Medical disinfection and air clean, deodorization and bactericide aquarium UV sterilizers.
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Color: As pictures shown
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Watts Voltage Total length(mm) Base length(mm) Lifetime Base
5w 110v-220v 107 12 9000 G23
7w 110v-220v 137 12 9000 G23
11w 110v-220v 234 12 9000 G23
13w 110v-220v 182 12