Reusable Luminous Photoluminescent Glow In The Dark Waterproof Tape

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Luminous Photoluminescent Glow In The Dark Tape from 25mm*1m/2m/5m/10m
The luminous tape is usually used on bicycles, boating, alarm clocks, stages or in the hotel rooms, schools, nightclubs, offices, warehouses, garages, theatres, laboratories and so on.
It is waterproof that can be stuck outside and reusable. If it turns dim, just need some natural light for a period of time, then it glows again.
It is advised to be stuck once.
Safety: Inert and non-toxic
Life of afterglow: 4 hours
Lifespan of luminescent material: 5 years+
Adhesive: Non-permanent/peelable type
Color: Light Green
Emission Colour: Green
Width: 25mm
Length: 1m/2m/5m/10m
Package Included
1 x Night Glow Tape