Aluminum Alloy Release Spring Trigger Guitar Capo for Electric Acoustic Guitars

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Size :app 8cmX7.2cmX1.1cm
Circle diameter:app 1.4cm
Color: Blue/Red/Black/White/Gold/Silver
Weight:about 60g
Material: Aluminium alloy
To Fit Guitar: Electro Acoustic Guitar


Aluminium alloy material, durable.
Fits comfortably in your hand.
Without adjustment.
Can clamp on most fretboard.
Small in size, convenient and portable.
Hold the strings nice and tight.
Can even change keys during a song.
Used for electric or acoustic guitars.
Can be quickly and easily released and repositioned.
Aluminium Metal Quick Release Spring Trigger Capo For Acoustic Or ElectrIc Guitar.
Can change keys during a song,Quickly and easily released and repositioned without disturbing the tuning.
Fits comfortably in your hand,Hold the strings nice and tight.

Package Includes:

1X Guitar Capo