Magic Light Bulb Magnetic Control Trick Costume Joke Mouth LED

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Magic Light Bulb Addams Family Uncle Fester Trick Costume Joke Mouth LED


It needs a magnet (NOT INCLUDED) close to the lamp, it will light. 
Looks like an ordinary light bulb, handed magic hands, magician can freely control lights and lamp
Good interactive magic, after you've had it you can show immediately,
Stick it in your ear, it will light,
Holding it in the air, saying: "Forget to pay electricity bill! "It immediately went out.
You can also draw a match and then pretend to light up the bulb
If you take two bulbs, they can turn on and off alternately.
Whether playing with friends or show for the children
You should not miss this simple magic~~~
Color: White
Size: 12.8 * 8.2 * 8.2cm
Package include:
1 x Bulb