10x 6.5mm M3 Brass Standoff PC Case Motherboard Riser Screws Washers

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10x 6.5mm Brass Standoff 6-32 - M3 PC Case Motherboard Riser + Screws + Washers
1.High grade carbon steel, durable and useful.
2.Standard flat head. Phillips head screw.
3.Suitable for all types of case fans with 6.5mm screw hole, M3 motherboard riser, with washer. Make it more stable.
Motherboard Riser: Golden
Screw: Silver
Washer: Red
Motherboard Riser: 10mm
Screw: 10mm
Washer: 7mm (Outside diameter), 3mm (In diameter)
Package Included:
10x Screws
10x Motherboard Risers
10x Washers