LCD Display Automatic Hand Sanitizer Machine Infrared Sensor Soap Dispenser

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LCD Display Automatic Infrared Sensor Soap Dispenser

Automatic reaction design without touching, prevent bacteria, healthy hand washing. It can use all kinds of liquid soap, emulsion, shampoo, shower gel and etc. Perfect to use for bathroom and kitchen in home, office, school, hospital, hotel and restaurant.

Material: ABS plastic
Height: 20cm
Color: Black + White
Base size: 8.3*16cm
Capacity: 300ml
Power: AA/1.5V * 3 alkaline batteries(not include)

Avoid the cross infection
Reduce the spread of bacteria
Infrared induction device
Come out the liquid soap automatically
Safe and simply operation
Low liquid sintillation screen alarm
Suitable for family office, hotel, shopping malls, hospitals, nursing homes, warefare and etc.

1. Put the hand near the inductive zone and the liquid will flow out from the outlet. Please run several times until the liquid flow out of the dispenser duringthe first time use, because the soap liquid haven’t flow into the liquid pipe.
2. If necessary please move your hand and repeat the step 1.
3. The volume is adjustable, totally four levels. Use ‘+’ button to add the volume, use ‘-’ button to reduce the volume.

Package Include:
1 X Auto Soap Dispenser