64 LED Lights DIY Bike Bicycle Spoke Light Waterproof Colorful Programmable Rechargeable

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5050 RGB 64 LED Lights DIY Bike Bicycle Hot Wheels Waterproof Colorful Programmable Rechargeable
LED: 64 LED 5050 RGB
Size: 500*30*20MM
Material: ABS +PC
Battery: 950mAH lithium battery
Work: about 8-10 hours
Waterproof: IPX6
Charger: USB
The wheel speed of 15 yards that can display full-spoke design Pictures complete.
You can DIY the pictures and words by yourself,support JPG,PNG and BMP,can be stored for 21 characters.
Double-sided edge-type lens design, double-sided display images, 64 lights can be work as 128 lights.
IPX6 waterproof,can be use in the rainy day.
Intelligent switch, manual and automatic dual control,can save power when stop use.
can work about 8-10 hours in the general time.
Use both ends of a plastic card with a solid and stable way and bolted for easy removal.
Three type of pictures you can add,Fashion cartoon,Dynamic pattern,Cool dynamic.
How to install:
1.Press fitted battery cartridge.
2.Tightening nylon cable ties.
3.Products placed in the center of the bicycle spokes,tightening fixed deck.
4.Fixed deck should follow the wire angle.
5.Installation Positioning magnet
How to use:
1.After the installation is complete connect the battery tube and appliance plug, 64 LED Happy Valley-type products all will bright.
2.Go to the circular black spots on the sensor magnet definite position,8 red lights lit simultaneously,it means magnet in the correct position.
3.Press the product switch, press one second is switch, wheeled lights, wheel does not move does not light, automatic power saving mode,
Any state, long press the switch more than 3 seconds, when the eight green light is rear wheel mode, eight blue lights are into
The front wheel mode, the factory default is front wheel mode.
Instruction Download link:
http://img.Racer Gadgets.com/file/products/20150727213021SKU256341.pdf
Programming Software Instruction Download link:
http://img.Racer Gadgets.com/images/upload/2015/07/SKU256341(11).pdf
Dear customer,pictures in the link for reference only, specific pattern may be different,please check the programming Software.
Package included:

4 x Nylon cable ties
2 x Fixed deck
2 x Bolts
1 x USB