NEW Gray Convoy C8 L2 7135x8 SMO Integrated Head LED Flashlight

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Product name: Gray Convoy C8 7135 x 8 Integrated Head LED Flahslight
Brand: Convoy
Model: C8
Emitter Brand/Type: XM-L2 U2-1A,XM-L2 T6-4C,XM-L2 T6-3B,XM-L2 T5-5B,XM-L2 T4-7A
Material: aluminum alloy
Driver circuit Board: AK47 7135 x 8
Light cup: SMO Reflector
Battery Configurations:  1x18650(not included)
Switch Type: Tail cap clicky switch
Mode: Two kind of modes:
1.three modes:low 5%-mid 40%-high100%
2.five modes:low 5%-mid 40%-high100%-Strobe-SOS
Color: Gray
Weight: 145g net weight
Size: 143x44.5x25.6 mm

Color temperature:
XML2 U2-1A 6500-7000K
XML2 T6-3B 5000-5200K
XML2 T6-4C 4300-4500K
XML2 T5-5B 4000-4200K
XML2 T4-7A 3000-3200K

How to change the mode group:
choose the low mode ,wait about 5 seconds ,when you see flashing ,close your flashlight.then open it , you can switch to 3mode group or 5mode group.

(1)Mode memory function: if the flashlight is turned on more than 3seconds ,current mode can be memoried.Turn it off and then turn it on ,still the original mode.
if less than 3seconds ,Turn it off and then turn it on ,it goes into the next mode.
(2)Low voltage protection function: when the voltage of battery is 2.9-3.1V,the flashlight flashes 2times/sec with low brightness,it's a low voltage alarm.
(3)Battery reverse protection:if your battery is reversed,dont worry ,no any problem will happen.

Package included:
1 x Gray Convoy C8 7135 x 8 Integrated Head LED Flahslight