USB 2.0 Digital DVB-T SDR DAB FM HDTV TV Tuner Receiver Stick For Windows XP

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USB 2.0 Digital DVB-T SDR DAB FM HDTV TV Tuner Receiver Stick With Antenna Remote Control For Windows XP


USB 2.0 DVB-T TV Stick adopts the latest digital audio-video multimedia processing chipset, supports DVB-T digital TV signal receiving. It is fully compatible with ultra-portable plug-and-play USB 2.0 DVB-T receiver,easy to install and use. Digital reception provides sharp TV pictures and near-CD quality audio and radio. There are even time-shifting and channel surfing capabilities! Enjoy digital terrestrial TV and radio on your PC anytime and anywhere with this high-performance, compact design!


Recording format DVBT TV-DVD(MPEG-2), FM radio/DAB radio - WMA
Video AVI-MPEG4, ASF-MPEG4, MP4-MPEG4 (for ipod)
Input 75 Ohm IEC(Din) Connector
Output A type usrb male connect
TV system Full DVB-T and DAB compliant
System requirements One available usb 2.0 port, Pentium 4 cpu or above


With the product, you can record live TV or schedule recordings using the built-scheduler
The time-shift function also allows you to pause and instantly replay your favorite scenes
You can listen to FM audio and digital DAB radio, and record them to WMA audio format into your computer
Watch and record digital terrestrial TV on PC or Laptop
Full DVB-T bandwidth reception (6/7/8 MHz)
Digital TV recording and playback as DVD quality
Support multi-picture display
Support EPG (Electronic Program Guide)
Support Teletext
With FM function
Support Microsoft DAB drivers
Remote control
Support Windows 2000/XP/Vista/WIN7
Support both MPEG-2, MPEG-4(H.264) encoding

Package Included:

1 x DVB-T TV Tuner Receiver Stick

You can download the content of the CD from this link:!N99nwToC!PsdxnpgOxELNIM0jheabLWnrLuWyxbBQ6SJZ6rnUHXY

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