Drillpro 6pcs 4 Inch High Gross Car Polisher Polishing Polish Buffer Clean Waxing Pads Set

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Product Name: Car polishing 4 in 1 combination
Product Contains: polishing discs * 1 / wave sponge * 1 / flat sponge * 1 / imported wool ball * 1
Size: 4inch (100MM)
Sponge Size: 100MM
Sticky plate size: 100MM
Wool Size: 100MM
Screw rod thread: 10MM
Material: Foam and Woolen
Working speed: recommendations about 900-3000
Role: for cars, household and other with paint properties things wax polish. deal with some small scratches dirt and other issues.

Package includes:

6pcs 4'' Car Polisher Polishing Waxing Pads Set