2pcs Waxing Polishing Cover Pad Sponge Car Polisher Soft Clear White Surface

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Material:Terry Cloth&woolen fleece
Application:Apply to 9" or 10" Car Polisher
1.Suitable for all kinds of car paint, solid wood, stone.
2.High density, the hardness is appropriate, easy to move,
do not leave the chip, more durable.
3.Set the set of waxing with drawstring, adjustable tightening.
4.Waxing, polishing, soft, not to hurt the paint
1 can put a little bit of wax on the sponge (or car paint) and then evenly coated
2 when the wax was solidified and shaped, with good polishing waxing waxing machine set.
3 after using, using warm water immersion, water washing, dry storage after extrusion.
Package includes:
1 x waxer/polishing cover pad
1 x woolen fleece of polishing cover pad