YZX 3.5-24V USB2.0 0.1mA 18Bit Ammeter Voltmeter Coulometer Capacity Mobile Power Supply Tester

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3.5-24V USB2.0 0.1mA 18Bit Ammeter Voltmeter Coulometer Capacity Table Mobile Power Supply Tester

5-digit coulometer precision current capacity table;
Using ARM32-bit processor; the first use of a ferroelectric memory FRAM;
Capacity data shows the number of how many display; the first to support the mobile power watt capacity testing;
High-resolution micro-current detection 0.1mA; true 5-digit display;
Autoranging automatic decimal place; save multiple sets of test data; FRAM longevity down record;
Ultra-low 10 milliohm sense resistor.
Charger Type: Support
D + D- voltage: Support
Shell: Plastic
Interface: USB2.0
Voltage: 3.5-24V
Resolution: 0.1mV
Accuracy: 0.1% + 2d
Line loss: 42mΩ
Current: 0-3A
Resolution: 0.1mA
Accuracy: 0.2% + 2d
An Shirong amount: 99999Ah
Ah Resolution: 0.1mAh
Ah Accuracy: 0.5%
Wh capacity: 99999Wh
Wh Resolution: 0.1mWh
Wh Accuracy: 0.5%
Mesenchymal cell: 100hr
Temperature: -25-80 ℃
Static power consumption5mA
Instruction manual:
Trickle charge time measurement muting function / capacity:
After most of the phone is full there is little trickle, if not shielded trickle will always increase the capacity, interference testing. After setting the trickle charge current when the shield is less than the set value, capacity and accumulated charge time will not increase to more accurately measured charging time and filling capacity. Set to 0 to close trickle shielding.
Data is cleared:
Function 1 and Function 2 interface (that is, the first line shows the current; voltage; group that interface) Press and hold the button, the first will jump to the next group, continue to hold for a few seconds, it will jump back to the current group and zero the current group, to complete zeroing operation
Parameter interface long press the button to switch to the next group
Press and hold the button to display LOGO, until Setting let go, short press to switch to 09-- Press and restore the backup settings, short press to switch to 07-- long press to restore factory settings, note the factory setting is not calibrated. Shipping calibrated after the owner will be backed up once calibrated, I recommend you do not use 08-- backup settings correct calibration parameters covered

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1 X USB2.0 Mobile Power Supply Tester
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