Car Wash Cleaning Brush Duster Dust Wax Mop Microfiber Telescoping Dusting Tool

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Potent decontamination, and long life car clean flat brush
Use a lint-free, nano-fibers do not hurt the paint
Retractable handle, electrostatic dust, removable repeated washing
Each person love cars should have one


Material: cotton nanofiber
Color: Grey,Blue
Size: 13x40cm duster section
The shortest scalable size 75cm / longest 87cm


1, the use of microfiber materials, particularly soft and will not scratch the paint surface.
2, innovation and technology, to remove static and dust easier.
3, with antibacterial properties, reduce bacteria and mold growth.
4, the unique design of scalable, easy to clean and more efficient.
5, the use of high-strength engineering plastic and can be repeated and washable features, longer life.
6, ergonomic design with soft handles and sponges, to use good handshake

Package includes:

1 x Car cleaning flat brush